Critical Discourses Essay Contest HOME|any|more|? Open Call

The Critical Discourses contest is an act of theoretical and critical analysis of the phenomenon of architecture and built environment in general, in Central and Eastern Europe, and an interdisciplinary approach aimed at reflecting the ideas, opinions, visions and philosophies that subtend the material expression of the built environment and imbue the cultural space of the region.

The contest sets out to analyze the architectural and urban phenomenon of living and dwelling in the region – as historical becoming as well as contemporary situation – through an essay competition addressed both to professionals from the field of architecture and to those of related cultural fields – philosophy, art, sociology, anthropology etc. The contest aims to discover ideas and opinion makers, to outline original and challenging concepts and observations on the topic of living and dwelling today and tomorrow, and also to promote examples of quality architecture.

Open Call for Essays – Critical Discourses 2019

The Triennale team launches the Critical Discourses essay contest within the 2019 Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture, with the theme HOME|any|more|?.

The essay contest tries to stimulate and promote the critical discourse on architecture as a fundamental necessity, of quality architecture, as well as of communication and dialogue with the general public. These also represent the structuring elements of the entire Triennale. This contest aims to discover ideas and opinion makers, to outline original and challenging concepts, and also to promote examples of quality architecture.

The contest gives the participants the opportunity to approach critically the contemporary architectural phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe. By means of essays, the persons concerned are able to set out, detail and argue their own vision on the architecture of one country, of more countries or of the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe* and/or to make a critical presentation of significant projects built in the 21st century.

The Open Call for the current edition of the Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture Critical Discourses Contest is now opened for two sections:


  • Theoretical Articles on the topic of HOME|any|more|? that critically examine theoretical perspectives in arhitecture and the connected fields (urbanism and urban studies, sociology, anthropology, economy, politics, geography, cultural studies, art history).


  • Free Essays, focusing on a contextual, subjective reflection on the on the topic of HOME|any|more|? and approaching academic subjects from a rather personal point of view.

The nominated essays will be presented by their authors at the Triennale, thus enabling them to expose and uphold their ideas at the first architecture Triennale in Central and Eastern Europe and to interact with culture professionals, architects, architecture critics etc. who have come to attend the event.

The participants can be students, architecture or art critics, teachers, philosophers, theorists, sociologists or architects, urban planners, designers with a propensity for theory etc., who are able to draft a critical essay on the architecture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe* (one country, more countries or the entire region). There are no restrictions related to age, professional training or nationality.

The participants must be available to attend the Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture between the 10th and 13th of October 2019 to be able to present their essays, if nominated.

Prizes and recognition

Previous Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture nominees and winners of the Critical Discourses contest include professors, students, art critics, curators:

2013 – Trans(ap)parenncies – Tomislav Pavelić – Croatia / Luigi Pintacuda – Italy /  Armina Pilav – Bosnia Herzegovina / Alina Hughes – Great Britain / Hans Ibelings – Holland / Katalin Tánczos – Romania / Dániel Vass – Romania / Andreea Movilă – Romania / Ramona Novicov – Romania


2016 – Drifting – Silvia Cazacu – Romania / Ștefania Grădinaru – Romania / Ruxandra Grigoraș – Romania / Tincuța Heinzel / Dana Julean – Romania / Andreea Movilă – Romania and Monika Pietrosian – Poland / Petra Maria Pfaff – Romania / Tomislav Pavelić – Croatia /  Ștefan Cristian Popa – UK / Simina Anamaria Purcaru – Romania / Gabriela Tabacu – Romania


The jury of the contest consists of:

President of the jury: architect and theoretician Sarah Robinson (USA/Italy)

Jury members:
architect Ștefan Cristian Popa – Romania/UK – (winner of the previous edition)

architect Ștefana Grădinariu –  Romania/UK – (winner of the previous edition)

composer and philosopher Caterina di Cecca – Italy

architect Marko Sančanin – Croatia

architect Arpad Zachi – Romania (director of the Triennale)

architect and researcher Vladimir Vinea – Romania

architect Doru O. Comșa –  Romania/Switzerland

art expert Mădălina Mirea  –  Romania


5 nominees for each of the two sections of the Critical Discourses Contest will be awarded prizes in the total amount of 3000 euros. The two winners of the contest will also receive 1000 euros in cash. All selected essays will be published in the Triennale’s book.


Assessment criteria:
• Adequacy of language to the theme approached
• Coherence and clarity of discourse
• Quality of arguments and degree of originality
• Topicality and relevance of the approached theme
• Overall deliverance quality

Information for the participants