Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture

3rd edition, 07.10-20.10.2019

The 3rd edition of the Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture will take place in October, 7th-20th, 2019. The Triennale is organised by the Arhitext Design Foundation, editor of the Arhitext magazine, in partnership with the Romanian Order of Architects, the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, the Union of Romanian Architects and the Brâncovan Palaces Cultural Center of Mogoșoaia. The main topic of this edition, HOME|any|more|?, proposes an interrogative approach of the possibility of being at home in todays world.


The president of the curatorial team of this edition is the writer, poet and translator Bogdan Ghiu. Some of the prestigious guests who already confirmed their participation this year are Sarah Robinson (USA / Italy) – President of the Critical Discourses Jury, Marc Jay (Denmark) – President of East Centric Awards 2019 Jury, Eva Prats & Ricardo Flores (Flores & Prats Architects, Barcelona – Keynote speakers. The previous editions of the Triennale (2013, 2016) brought together renowned architects, professors and theorists, such as Svetlana Boym (Russia/SUA), Dietmar Feichtinger (Austria/France), Terunobu Fujimori (Japan), Barbara Holub (Austria), Robert Mair (Austria), Willem Jan Neutelings (Olanda), Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland), Alberto Pérez-Gómez (Canada/Mexico), Boris Podrecca (Austria), Sami Rintala (Norway), Vladimir Šlapeta (Czech Republic), Ana Maria Zahariade (Romania).

The geographical focus of the Triennale is the Central and Eastern European region, including the following countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary. The two main events of the Triennale are the thematic exhibition HOME|any|more|? and the essay contest Critical Discourses they comprise the Thematic Module of the exhibition, focusing of the HOME|any|more|? topic.

The East Centric Architecture Awards 2019 is a distinct module of the Triennale. More than 150 projects completed between 2016 and 2019 in Central and Eastern Europe were selected by the editors of the Arhitext Magazine and published in the issues of the past three years. An international jury presided by the Danish architect Marc Jay will announce the shortlisted projects in May, 2019.


The Triennale is organised by Arhitext Foundation and financed by the Architecture Stamp from the Romanian Order of Architects.   

The Theme of the Triennale:



Our endeavor starts with an effort to understand and conceptualize the social, political, and cultural condition of present times. Changes in people’s ways of living meet other radical changes in the way our cities are conceived and in the way our houses are built. Based on empirical and theoretical considerations, we can assert that the exploration of the built environment is an important mission for understanding the world. By the same token, it is evident that this type of approach – mere exploration – is incomplete, not capable to grasp our multiple and active positions in the society. Major contemporary developments in sociology, including those grouped under the actor-network theory category, are insisting on the need to understand the complex relations between social actors of a certain field and on the need to embrace the usefulness of abandoning the outer, pseudo-objective points of view, and to concentrate instead on assuming the active, continuously performed character of the social relations that we are part of. Our approach can be understood as an oscillating process of describing and simultaneously acting upon the relations between society and the built environment.


Arpad Zachi,

Director of the Bucharest Triennale

Curatorial board

President of the Curatorial board