SonoMania, HOME made – Modern and Contemporary Music Concert – Sunday, 13 October 2019, 18:00, Bucharest National Theatre

One of the main objectives of the SonoMania Ensemble, established in 2012 by Composer Diana Rotaru, is winning a new audience for modern and contemporary music, a vivid music which the ensemble members love and

It will interpret :

Valentin Ghita – oboe

Mihai Pintenaru – clarinet

Mircea Grigore Lazăr – violin

Tamara Dica – viola

Eugen-Bogdan Popa – cello


Programme :

Dan Dediu – Apple worms (1) II for clarinet and viola

Sigismund Toduță – 6 Songs for oboe (excerpt)

Adrian Pop – Gordun for cello, solo

Gabriel Mălăncioiu – Clavirgus, p. III & IV for clarinet and viola

Mihai Măniceanu – Crescendo for violin, solo

Sebastian Androne – Fresco meets Baldi for viola and cello

Doina Rotaru – Smoke (2) for clarinet solo

Șerban Marcu – Arachne’s Arachne’s Fabric for oboe, clarinet, violin and cello

Diana Rotaru – Artistic director and moderator


SonoMania–New Music Ensemble

One of the main objectives of the SonoMania Ensemble, established in 2012 by Composer Diana Rotaru, is winning a new audience for modern and contemporary music, a vivid music which the ensemble members love and passionately play since the first years of school. SonoMania mainly takes part in concerts with an interdisciplinary or multimedia component, being, at the same time, a promoter of the young Romanian composers’ music. The ensemble has, for the first time, interpreted works of composers such as Doina Rotaru, George Balint, Mihai Măniceanu, Henry Vega, Mihai Murariu, Gabriel Mălăncioiu, Șerban Marcu, Vlad Maistorovici, Diana Simon, Diana Gheorghiu, Sabina Ulubeanu, Sorin Marinescu, Alexandru Sima, Megumi Okuda, Gabriel Almaşi, Tudor Feraru, Cristian Bence- Muk, Victor Colțea, Cristian Lolea and many more.

SonoMania has collaborated with conductors such as Gabriel Bebeşelea, Alexandru Solonaru, Alexandru Mija, Simona Strungaru, Vlad Baciu and Lucian Beschiu, but also with artists such as the coreographer and dancer Cristina Lilienfeld, dancer and actrice Smaranda Gabudeanu, or performers such as Irinel Anghel and Paul Dunca.

SonoMania has taken part in important festivals, such as the International Week of New Music – SIMN (Bucharest, 2012, 2013, 2016-1019), CLUJ MODERN Festival (2019), International Festival of New Arts InnerSound – Silent Film Night (Bucharest, 2012-2016), Desideria Festival organised by the Romanian Filarmonic Academy (Rome, 2017), Bucharest Music Film Festival-ArCuB (2012-2014), Musical Autumn of Cluj (Cluj, 2016), Musical Craiova (Craiova, 2016), CIMRO DAYS (2014, 2018), Happoman Contemporary Music Festival 2012, 18th edition (South Coreea 2012), International Festival Meridian – SNRSIMC Days (Bucharest, 2012-2018), Catsheuvel Festival (Hague, 2014), White Night of Galleries (Bucharest, 30 September 2016). The debut concert was included as a parallel event within the International Contemporary Art Biennale in Bucharest 2012.

Conductor : Simona Strungaru

Artistic Director : Diana Rotaru

Ensemble : Mircea Grigore Lazăr / Raluca Stratulat (violin), Valentin Ghita (oboe), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen Bogdan Popa (cello), Mihai Murariu (piano).


Projects (selections) :

Luminous (2018, SIMN, conductor Simona Strungaru) – light stances reflected in sound language-young Italian composers and composers from South Coreea / Great Britain – France 

Beyond Carol (3) (2018, Bucharest, UNMB and 2019, Cluj, CLUJ MODERN Festival, conductor Simona Strungaru) – project initiated by the Romanian Cultural Institute, which implied ordering 10 new pieces belonging to young composers selected trough competition, departing from 10 Romanian carols from the ones selected by Bela Bartok.

From the Flight of a Bird (4) (2017, Rome, Desideria Festival, Accademia di Filarmonica Romana – Romanian modern and contemporary music)

Sound Fabric (2017, withing SIMN Festival, conductor Simona Strungaru) – minimal repetitive music and contemporary dance (Cristina Lilienfeld)

OPERA 9 (2017, within N-ESCU project, organised by the National Museum «George Enescu», coductors Vlad Agachi, Simona Strungaru) – collective contemporary opera, 9 scenes, 9 composers, Oedip’s myth reinterpreted by Rucsandra Pop

IN THE BODY (5) (2016-2017), chamber opera by Diana Rotaru, directed by Rareș Zaharia, libretto Ciprian Măceșaru, coreography Cristina Lilienfeld, singers Rodica Vică and Antonela Bârnat 

Silent Film Night (2012-2016, InnerSound Festival, conductors Gabriel Bebeșelea, Alexandru Mija) – live music for experimental mute shortfilms 

Diana’s Kitchen (2014, within ALL INCLUSIVE, concept and coordination Irinel Anghel, MNGE) – interactive concert – performance with musical menu and improvisational works.

Frescomania (2014, in MERIDIAN and CIMRO DAYS Festival, conductor Vlad Razvan Baciu) – contemporary variations on a theme by Girolamo Frescobaldi (XVII century)

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