Fluencies 2011

National and International Architecture Exhibitions at the “Fluencies” International Arhitext Festival, Timișoara, 7–9 October

National and International Architecture Exhibitions at the “Fluencies” International Arhitext Festival, Timișoara, 7–9 October

The International Arhitext Festival is organized by Arhitext design Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Chamber of Architects.

Throughout the three days of the Arhitext Festival Fluencies, four exhibitions will be inaugurated in Timișoara, dedicated to quality national and international architecture, as well as to the promotion and support of art and architecture students and young professionals.

A list of some of the events taking place during the Festival

The International Fluencies Exhibition – more than 50 projects built in Central and Eastern European countries, divided in three sections: Con-Fluencies, A-fluencies, In-fluencies.

Bogdan Ghiu, curator of Fluencies Exhibition

The projects for this exhibition were selected further to an international open call which was answered by architects and architecture studios from all over Central and Eastern Europe, as well as from the numerous quality projects from this area featured over time in the pages of “Arhitext” magazine. Thus, the exhibition represents a point of great attraction for local and international architecture professionals. Its interest also resides in the fact that, in addition to the richly illustrated descriptions of the architectural projects, it comes with a theoretical part which incorporates such projects in the main theme and presents the comments made by foreign critics. The exhibition will be supplemented by the Catalogue of the Fluencies International Festival, which will be bilingual and disseminated internationally.

The Arhitext design Awards exhibition (PAD 2011) – dedicated to quality Romanian architecture. The projects included in the exhibition are divided in 5 sections (residential architecture, public architecture, exterior arrangement works, interior arrangement works and restoration works) and present quality Romanian architecture projects and the latest trends (projects built in the last two years). The PAD 1993 – 2009 exhibition will be featured next to the PAD 2011 exhibition and will cover the winning projects of all editions that have taken place so far, in all sections.

The Dare! Exhibition. This exhibition consists in the coherent presentation of the students’ projects that won the 2010 and 2011 editions of the Dare! Competition. The projects entered in the 2010 and 2011 competitions, as well as the 5 winning projects of the first edition may be seen online at www.arhitext-indrazneste.blogspot.com.

Trans-architectures Exhibition. The exhibition consists in the presentation in the form of exhibition boards of the works/installations/objects created by the student and artist teams during the Trans-architectures Summer School held at Dealu Frumos (Romania), in July 2011.

During the Festival, in addition to these exhibitions, there will also take place the PAD 2011 award festivity, conferences, debates and round tables bringing together Romanian and foreign architects and cultural personalities.

Friday, 7th October

10:00 – “Talking” coffee – Press conference for the opening of the Festival (D’arc Barge)

11:00 – Conference – Atonio Petrov (D’arc Barge)

13:00 – 15:00 – Lunch break

15:00 – Opening of Arhitext design Awards Exhibition. Launching of issue no. 5/2011 of Arhitext magazine (Theresia Stronghold – Garden of dreams)

17:00 – Debate Critic and theory of architecture in East and Central Europe– Speakers: Ştefan Ghenciulescu, Adrian Ionaşiu, Dana Vais, Antonio Petrov.

Moderator: Arpad Zachi (Theresia Stronghold – Attic)

20:00 – Video projections – (D’arc Barge)

21:00 – Launching of the book Inconstruction. For an ethical architecture, author Bogdan Ghiu (Winery)

Saturday, 8th October

10:00 – Conference – Svetlana Boym (D’arc Barge) – Off-Modern Urbanism

11:00 – Conference – Kai Vockler – Politics of Architecture (D’arc Barge)

12:00 – Conference – Simon Mariann (D’arc Barge), Rust-Renaissance: The Uncanny Appeal of Decay

13:00 – 15:00 – Lunch break

15:00 – Opening of Fluencies Exhibition; launching of International catalogue Fluencies – (Theresia Stronghold – Attic)

17:00 – 5 O’clock Traces and screenings – Speakers: Bogdan Ghiu, Sabin Borş, Sandu Alexandru, Antonio Petrov, Kai Vockler, Ioan Andreescu and others.

Moderator: Ionuţ Butu (Theresia Stronghold – Attic)

20:00 – Festivity Gala for Arhitext design Awards PAD 2011 (Theresia Stronghold – Garden of dreams)

Sunday, 10th October

10:00 – “Talking” coffee – D’arc Barge

11:00 – Conference – Marko Sancanin – Counterfluencies (D’arc Barge)

12:00 – Conference – Robert Neumayr – From Flexibility to Fluidity

13:00 – 15:00 – Lunch break

15:00 – Awarding ceremony for DARE! contest. Opening of the DARE! Exhibition and Trans-architectures exhibition (Faculty of Arts and design – Attic)

17:00 – Opening of Second year projects contest exhibition

Entities involved in the event

* Organizer: Arhitext design Foundation

* Cultural project with the support of AFCN

* OAR by stamp duty financing

* Main sponsor: Nemetschek

* Secondary sponsor: Geberit

* Sponsor: Fakro

* Partners: Mons Medius, MGT, D’arc, Egeria, Hotel Savoy, The Banat Museum, Timiş County Council, UAUIM, Timisoara Art School, Asta Cluj, asash, Asociatia de la 4

* Media partners: RRC, RRI, Observatorul Cultural, zeppelin, Igloo, arhitext, Oris, yapi, wa.pl, evive.ro, arhiforum, arhitectura

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at telephone number / arhitext_redactie@b.astral.ro or to visit our info page.


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